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Hunter Series

Skateboard Graphics for 2nd Nature Skateshop

16" x 22" woodcuts with digital color


Large 3'x7' Woodcut image printed as

silkscreen with watercolor

Meet Me at Dead Horse Bay-

Daniel King

Album Cover

Digital Woodcut

Leave No Trace- Daniel King

Album Cover

Linocut and Digital

Whalen & Woolly

Tee Shirt Design

Linocut and Digital

Dog Band

23”x40” woodcut printed as a 18.5”x30” eight layer silk screen print

Last Supper

40"x11" woodcut printed as

a two color screenprint

Carved Skateboards

Woodcut and acrylic

Hopps Skateboards - Curb Dog Series

pen and ink with digital color

KCDC Skateshop - Animal Bar

woodcut with digital color

KCDC Skateshop - Stagecoach

Linocut with digital color

Townes Van Zandt Collage Portrait

Woodcut prints, cut paper, wood stain and acrylic on wood

5-0 Fox

Linocut with digital color

Willie Nelson

Digital woodcut

Skateboard Grandma


Big Damn Print

Huge 4' x 8' wood cut

printed via steamroller

Swimming with the Fishes

Woodcut printed as a 4 color

silk screen print

Shortwave Zine Cover

Brush and ink


Sundays Zine Issue 5 back poster


Skate Jawn Gator

Apparel graphic for Skate Jawn


Rolled Animals

Hand Printed Coasters

6" x 6" Linocut

Repeating Animal Pattern

Linocut and digital

Lucky Human Foot

9.5″ x 15 ” linocut